Frequently Asked Questions

What are investor’s right and obligations?

Standards Mandated for a Mutual Fund towards its Potential Investors

  1. The units or the refund money needs to be given within 5 business days of the closure of NFO in regard to Schemes other than ELSS
  2. Open ended schemes other than the ELSS, should reopen for repurchase or sale again within 5 business days.
  3. Statements of the accounts needs to be sent to the investor within 5 days of closure of NFO but in case of post NFO investment the statements can be set within 10 days of the investment.
  4. The soft copy of the investments can be sent to the investor via email every month if the investors wish so.
  5. Investor can also ask for unit certificate for his unit holdings.
  6. Unit certificates are non transferable but if the investor wishes to hold the certificate, AMC is bound to send that certificate within 30 days from the day the request has been received.
  7. NAV has to be published daily in at least 2 newspapers.