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Invest in funds with a strategy to invest in 20 Large cap companies from the top 200 stocks listed on the NSE on the basis of market capitalization.A basket made up of top large cap companies and active fund management have worker in favour of these funds and just to give some kicker returns these funds have exposure in Mid cap companies as well.



With India being the second largest cement producer, no wonder, it has always been a vital part of Indian economy. Well steaming demands in infrastructure industry along with a renewal in rural areas housing requirements are turning out as positive for the cement industry. Despite a hike in input cost production, the cement industry is expected to grow at a faster rate in future largely benefitting from infrastructure and construction sector. Besides government initiatives like development of smart cities, other government foreign policies and increasing investment from foreign players is expected to provide a good boost to cement industry in India. Well, the raw materials for making cement such as limestone and coal are also readily available which further aids the growth cement industry. Moreover, seeing large push from government for big infrastructure projects backed by govern



Investing in the best mutual funds can give the best returns if invested wisely. Not only one can get the advantages of growth and appreciation but also it’s an attractive way to save tax money. Finding the best mutual funds to invest can be a tedious task as it can take quite a lot of efforts to identify potential opportunities which can provide highest capital gains. So, straight from the experts, here is the list of best and aggressive growth funds that are deemed to be one of the best options for the investors ready to take high risk and searching for a good high level of capital appreciation. Whether you're looking for a new fund for your retirement plan or wondering how the funds you now own stack up, the list can help you create and maintain a high-performance portfolio. These funds generally have high growth potential and are accompanied by high share price volatility.



Paying taxes is always seen as a burden by the earning professionals. More income indeed attracts more taxes. With more income, comes heavy tax burden shrinking your disposable income out of which you further need to manage your living expenses. Above all, the rising inflation takes a toll and trims your wallet size further. So what can be the probable solution of this holistic situation- can it be a proper tax planning! The answer is yes! Whilst, planning taxes can be a tedious process, it also offers you the opportunity to compact your tax outflow combined with the inflation adjusted higher returns. While, there is a lot of crowd of tax saving avenues you will come across in section 80C, 80CCC, 80CCD and 80CCG, most of them are considered as just safe avenues not generating higher returns and adding to your capital. Among these avenues, tax saving mutual funds (broadly knows as ELSS) comes to your rescue which is a simple way to avail tax benefits and at the same time aspiring to make the most of equity markets potential. ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Schemes) is the open ended mutual funds that invest in the diversified portfolio of stocks. These schemes qualify for tax exemption under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and you can save up to 46,350 of your tax. These schemes not only help you to save tax, but also give you the opportunity to earn market linked return on your investment and comes with the lowest lock in period of 3 years.



IT industry accounts for around $150 billion outsourcing industry of India. It has always been applauded for putting India as a destination of high quality and skilled technology workers with low cost. Well, ups and downs are a major part of every journey. As Brexit became a reality and Trump policies of “Buy American and hire American” came into effect, the industry found itself at tipping point once. It has indeed gone through a challenging time where speculations surrounded the H1B Visas policies and more countries planned to tighten their immigration rules. Effects were clearly seen on the IT stocks which touched their yearly lows. However, now they have started gearing up to adapt themselves to the changes brought in by new technologies, automation and policies. Changing their business models to adapt to the changing environment has become the need of the hour which certainly points at bright future of the industry. In fact, there are high prospects they can bounce from their lows and touch the new heights in the wake of their new business models and hiring of more locals in foreign countries.