What Is Thematic Investment

Thematic investing is a technique to find investment opportunities based on the prediction
about macro-level trends rather than on an individual company.

How Thematic Investment works?

Thematic investment is the process of finding strong macro-level trend and the underlying investment opportunities that stand to benefit from the materialization of those trends. The investment process begins with a top-down approach to identify the most compelling long-terms themes. Once theme is selected than identify regions or sectors that can directly or indirectly benefits.

For example, finding what sectors can benefit from falling interest rate and how or finding investment theme by making predictions that what sector will benefit from the government’s policies. Thematic investment themes include finding opportunities in areas such as, changing government policies, central bank’s policies, evolving consumer behaviors, changing demographics, clean energy, technology or advance in medicine.

What are the perks of investing in thematic themes with FINVASIA?

  • No additional cost: With an aim to provide frictionless financial environment, FINVASIA doesn’t charge anything to investors for thematic investments.
  • Easy Access: Historically, most of the retail investors were unable to gain access to thematic investment and it was only restricted to Institutional investors. Fortunately, FINVASIA is able to provide access to investors of all sizes to exploit the opportunities.
  • Flexible and Intuitive: A unique feature of our platform that investors can easily categorize the sectors based on the evolving thematic themes and make investment decision on button of click.
  • Generating alpha: thematic investment provides opportunity for investors to generate alpha by generating excess return against the benchmark indices.
  • Choose from dozens of thematic investments: Based on the evolving trends and investment opportunities, our team of financial investment experts has offered various thematic options that has performed tremendously well.