Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFO?

NFO/ New Fund Offer

Units of the mutual fund are offered to the potential investor for the first times

  1. AMC decides to take a particular scheme in the market.
  2. Then AMC prepares the offer document for the new fund offer which needs to be approved by the trustees.
  3. The documents are then filed with SEBI and then after the approval the offer can me issued in the market.
  4. The AMC makes the time table for issuing keeping in mind the prevailing market situation.
  5. AMC hold various conferences and advertising methods in order to show the unique features and benefits for the investors etc.
  6. NFO Open Date is the date when the investors can invest in the nfo
  7. NFO close date is the date upto which the investors can invest

Scheme Re-opening date is the date when the open ended fund reopens for purchase