Long Term Saving Schemes

Long term saving schemes comes handy when you need to do long term financial planning and at the same time balance risk and return.

What are long term saving schemes?

Long term saving accounts for the investments whose lock in period is at least more than 3-5 years. It’s all about investing in the right option and redeeming with superior returns at maturity. They come handy when you want to do a long term financial planning like child’s marriage, education and lifestyle etc. depending on financial goals, your risk capacity along with the risk factors involved in the investment option, an apt option is chosen which can include PPF or EPF, mutual funds, stocks etc. the reason they are called long term because you invest and patiently wait for the time when you can redeem it maturity with higher returns.

What are the perks of investing in long term saving schemes with us?

  • Automated Investment Solution: our smart mutual fund portal enables to buy and invest in just 5 minutes without any hustle or tussle. Invest, analyze view and back test at one pace with our advanced rule engine scans at you back.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Our expert robots keep track of market development and scans through every aspect of the market. With no human emotions involved, our artificial intelligent robots provide you the unbiased report of your portfolio.
  • Alerts: our robots keep track of all your mutual fund holding and alerts you of what is going on with your investment, with our artificial intelligence involved, you will also get alters when you need to switch to other saving option for better returns.
  • We do everything for you: there is a reason these schemes are called long term due to the long maturity period involved. From keeping a tap on your investments to analyzing your portfolio according to the market development, our robots do everything for you.
  • Complete Analysis Tools Kit: when you invest with Finvasia, you get access to a complete set of research & analytical tools on the portal itself using which you can back test, formulate and watch and analyze your portfolio in real time.