Short Term saving Schemes

Your ideal investment avenues with no lock in restrictions coming with higher returns compared to your standard savings account

What is Short term saving schemes?

Short term saving schemes accounts for low risk funds targeting an average maturity horizon of 1 day to 3 years. It can be open-ended debt fund with no exposure to equities or can be a balanced fund as well for a balanced risk and return. Enabling you to capture opportunities from yield curve spreads, generate high returns in short term duration without facing any lock-in restrictions. Meet your short term financial goals by investing in proper saving scheme offering higher returns with capital security and higher liquidity.

What are the perks of investing in short term saving schemes with Finvasia?

  • Higher Interests: make more interest than what your bank is offering on your normal saving accounts. Even if you invest for a day, it gives you the ability to make higher overnight interest rate than what you are getting from savings accounts.
  • Portfolio Analysis: Our advanced set of research and analysis tools lets you analyze your portfolio with a great efficiency so you can make an informed decision resulting in higher returns and less restrictions.
  • Unbiased Advise: with no human emotions involved, being an independent research house with our expert artificial robots in place, we remain completely unbiased in providing you the advice and suggestions for mutual funds investment.
  • Timely advice and Suggestions: with artificial intelligence in place, our expert robots scan through thousands of investment options in mutual funds and recommend you the best keeping multiple factors of return, liquidity and risk in view.
  • Automated Investment Solution: our smart mutual fund portal enables to buy and invest in just 5 minutes without any hustle or tussle. Invest, analyze view and back test at one pace with our advanced rule engine scans at you back at complete no cost.