TAX saving Schemes

Tax-saving mutual funds also known as ELSS, invest in stockmarkets, among other assets, and
are more suited for investors with medium to high risk appetite.

ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Schemes)

It is the open ended mutual funds that invest in the diversified portfolio of stocks. These schemes qualify for tax exemption under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and you can save up to 46,350 of your tax. They not only help you to save tax, but also give you the opportunity to earn market linked return on your investment and comes with the lowest lock in period of 3 years. You can save up to Rs. 46,350 tax with additional capital gains and dividend income generated being tax free as well. You can do the investment in lump sum as well as you can take the SIP route helping in countering volatility risks. Moreover you can start with just Rs. 500 for investment.

So what are the perks of investing in ELSS with us?

  • Freedom from Lock In: Get access to your money even within the lock in period as well. Get credit against your mutual funds holdings with us and meet your financial needs, so this way you don’t get your funds completely locked for 3 years.
  • Research and Expertise: Use our extensive research and expertise which tracks continuous market developments and let you know the best tax saving mutual funds for investment so can maximize your returns while saving taxes at the same time.
  • Real Time Monitoring: Do not have time to monitor your mutual funds holdings! No worries! We are here for you. Our robots will do it for you and monitor and track the developments of your portfolio in real time.
  • Completely Objective: Being an independent research house with our expert artificial robots in place, we remain completely unbiased in providing you the research and expertise services for any kind of mutual funds with no cost involved.
  • Completely trouble free investment: with Finvasia, it has become extremely easy to invest in Mutual funds. With our easy to use, straight MF portal, you can open an account in 5 minutes buy, redeem, analyze and watch your portfolio.